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Empal Gentong, a Remarkable Cuisine of Cirebon Empal Gentong Mang Darma Cirebon. (Photo: Muhamad Jupri/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESKAPUAS, CIREBON – In CirebonWest Java, there is a local delicacy that worth to try called as empal gentong. Empal gentong is basically a beef soup, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a soto dish, a traditional Indonesian soup containing meat and vegetables.

The classic empal gentong is similar to soto Betawi or any beef soto that also includes offal, including tripe. It usually receives a dash of tamarind, which gives the dish a nice tangy flavour. The meat and offal are cooked above slow heat until the meat gets very tender and falls apart.

Chives are added and sprinkled on top of it as a garnish to make the taste richer. unusual ingredients in Indonesian cooking, but they are very important in making empal gentong. Locally known as kuchai, chives are the smallest and most delicate members of the onion family. They have a mild garlicky and grassy flavor.

You could find this exotic dish at Mang Darma food shop. This food shop has been established since 1947, so you need to be worry about the taste for its cooked using their secret recipes that they get from their ancestors.

You don’t need to be worry, because this dish is such a dish that will bang your buck. So worth the money. You could find Empal Gentong Mang Darma at Jalan Diponegoro or and Jalan Inspeksi, Cirebon, West Java(*)

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